DSLR Stabilizer test video footage : SteadiGO (SteadyGo)

Running with a SteadiGO DSLR Stabilizer! Test footage shot while following a runner up a mountain. Gear used was a "SteadiGO" handheld steadycam and a Canon HDSLR video camera.

SteadiGO Review! Video review of the SteadiGO steadycam!

SteadiGO Review! Video test of the SteadiGO steadycam by fourtenvisuals!

Eliminate shake and vibrations from your video footage by mounting your camera to the SteadiGO video camera stabilizer! This handheld steadycam can stabilize Digital SLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 4 lbs! Steadi your camera and GO!

Budget Steadycam Glidecam DSLR Steady Rig!

The SteadiGO is a rugged and reliable handheld video camera stabilizer for the new wave of DSLR filmmakers!  "Steadi your camera and GO!"



     * DSLR & Camcorder Compatible
     * Ultra Steadi* Gimbal 
     * Compact two peice design
     * Made in the USA!

SteadiGOs have been used in the production of: Independent films, action sports, concerts, wedding videos, music videos, Real Estate virtual tours, documentaries and more! Our "Ultra Steadi" gimbals provide superior vibration reduction which allows the SteadiGO to glide smoothly while you follow the action!