Steadycam for HD-SLR video cameras!

The SteadiGO is a rugged and reliable handheld video camera stabilizer! This video was shot with a Canon eos t3i HDSLR camera and SteadiGO steady cam! The cameraman chased a runner up a mountain and the camera was kept steady even over some extremely rugged terrain! Check out the SteadiGO here

Steadycams for the new wave of Digital SLR film-makers!

The SteadiGO steadycam was invented by indie filmmakers with quality and performance in mind.

This rugged handheld video camera stabilizer delivers stunning, steady video footage! It works by balancing the video camera on top of the rig, almost like an equally balanced seesaw. This allows the camera to glide smoothly!

See more stabilized test videos here!

Check out this two in one Video Camera Stabilizer! A Glidecam/Steadicam + Shoulder Support!

Here's the SteadyDSLR (Steady DSLR) camera rig! This rig is a Handheld Steadicam and a Shoulder Support all in the same stabilizer! See it here!
If you're looking for a solid, lightweight DSLR rig but also want the steadicam/glidecam option then the SteadyDSLR is the solution! It only weighs 1.5 lbs but it can stabilize up to 5 lbs of video camera weight!