Best Lenses for using a DSLR Video Camera on Stabilizers, Steadicams, Glidecams, Steadycams

DSLR video cameras are now capable of shooting crisp, beautiful HD video with many options for interchangeable lenses. 

In my opinion prime (non-zoom) lenses seem to be sharper and cleaner than most zooms. Of course that doesn't mean you can't break the bank and invest in a high quality zoom like the Canon EF 8-15mm or Nikon Nikkor AF-S 17-35mm. 

Wide angle lenses help to smooth out video when using a handheld stabilizer. Also lightweight lenses are better on a handheld rig because it lessons user fatigue. An extra couple pounds might not seem like much at first but if you're shooting a scene multiple times or running around a live event you'll really start to notice any extra weight on the stabilizer. Here's a demo using a wide angle lens and a SteadiGO handheld video camera stabilizer.
The bottom line: I recommend using prime lenses from 8mm to 35mm on any handheld steadycam. The wider the better, especially when your learning how to balance and use a stabilizer.

Written by Aaron Marinel 
Owner - SteadiRigs LLC